Romantic Spaces Achieve-ロマンティックスペーシスイメージ

Romantic Spaces Achieve-ロマンティックスペーシス

Romantic Spaces Achieve-ロマンティックスペーシス

Wedding & Event Designer

What do you long for? I can make your dream and desire from soul into object for the space audaciously and delicately.
The space is just only for you and like nothing else.
By adding the senses of Japanese style into the design, you can feel NOBUE’s original sense and world.
One of the few designers who can create and build the unique Japanesque world.

Romantic Spaces Achieve-ロマンティックスペーシス


Romantic Spaces Achieve-ロマンティックスペーシス

- Case 1 -

Client Wedding Production Company
Request details The couple cares about their lifestyle and love the town, Ebisu, Tokyo. Created the stylish and simple space for the creative couple.

- Case 2 -

Client Individual request
Request details Inviting the small group of people from their companies, for the wedding party, held at a vacation house nearby Yamanaka lake, where is by Mt Fuji. We had a meeting by looking around the house and created the space by adding the natural taste as they liked shabby-chic taste.

- Case 3 -

Client Event Space
Request details Made the tables in which the Font company can show their premium fonts as the space was limited.

Romantic Spaces Achieve-ロマンティックスペーシス

Romantic Spaces Achieve

浅野 延江(Nobue Asano)

Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture Takada 1059-5 Takada factory A103

TEL: 04-7137-0110
FAX: 04-7137-7604

Romantic Spaces Achieve-ロマンティックスペーシス

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